What is Journalism?

It is hardly distinguishable question.

I think that it is method of communication. We need to some information or any help.

There are some people said ‘journalism is communication of liar’, but their also got on in here.

Almost people have used that is enjoyed their own life.


interesting to me..

Do you like soccer? Yes, I like too much.

Therefore I usually watching TV about that and I go to play soccer twice a week.

 What is soccer? The way to play the game is to pass the ball through a marked area known as the goal which is a net supported by two poles. The ball used in the game is spherical in shape and is not too big neither too small in size. In the 11 players there is also a goal keeper whose job is to defend their side of the team by not allowing the ball to pass through the goal posts. The game rules does not specify any positions of the players else than the goalkeeper.

Anyway, if you want to learn to soccer, you should enter to bolg below.



Doesn’t matter

Boring Sunday afternoon wakin’up my piece of junk. 

Flirting with a chiks flying in the sky

They’re saying it’s too much hot to fly .

What I’m talk about now,,?


Hello, guys!

Wellcome to my blog.
I’m sundong Lee.
I don’t konw, what I want to do. lol
anyway,,, 🙂